Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm kind of old of getting told to throw my hands up in the air

Blääh, woke up today and I saw there was snow on the ground?! WHY??? Well, luckily it has melted away by now but it's still gray and cold outside, not the kind of weather you hope from a Sunday..
Yesterday I pretty much just chilled at home with our guests and my family.
Today I slept in, knowing that I will not be sleeping a lot tonight (more about that later)! Right now I'm rehearsing for my grammar exam that is on Tuesday and I've gotten pretty far ahead, I only have a few more things to go through and then of course go through it all again. I'm hoping the exam isn't too difficult since I've heard from older students that not many people pass the test on the first try.. we'll see, at least I'll be as prepared as I can be!
My desk right now...
Later today however some of my friends are coming over to watch the Oscars live! It's a tradition we've had for a few years now, although, last year almost everybody fell asleep before the actual ceremony started. I think I managed to wake up just before the opening number but it was definitely hard to stay awake.  This year I've prepared by getting a good nights sleep and I'll probably have to drink some coffee later on. I at least am very excited about the show this year, Ellen Degeneres (spelling?) is hosting and I hope Leonardo Dicaprio finally wins his oscar!

Anyways, now I have to get back to my grammar but here's a song that is stuck in my head right now!

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