Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ice-cream & twerking

My blogging has been sucky for the last couple of weeks but I actually have a lot going on and no time! I'm sorry, I will try to post more often (try). But here's a recap of what I have done!

On Wednesday I had a day off, initially I was going to work but I changed my shift with one of the workers so I had nothing all day, which was heaven! I met up with julle and emppu and just hung out, talked about how hard it is to be a woman (hahah lol) and after feeling sorry for ourselves we decided ice-cream would be the perfect thing to treat ourselves. If ever you're in Turku (especially in the summer) Nuvole Gelateria is the place to visit and have ice-cream. Seriously delicious, and they have really cool flavors to pick from. I tried lemon pie and I could probably say that it's one of the best ice-creams I have ever had in my life. SO GO THERE!
Also we tried to take some outfit pictures but I don't feel very natural in front of the camera (unless I'm taking a selfies XD) but here are some of the pics. I would say Emppu turned out to be a better poser!

On Thursday I stayed at the Uni after our lectures were done to work on some assignments. One of them was to grade English tests which was definitely harder than you'd think. But I had some of my classmates with me and we all helped each other which was nice. I got home and did more school stuff which wasn't that nice and that was basically my Thursday.
Friday I went to work but afterwards I met up with my classmates at Nora's and we chilled, played board games and jammed which was super nice. Afterwards we even went to Koulu for a while but I had to leave 30 minutes after getting there to catch my buss. But I actually had a lot of fun and it was just nice to have a really relaxing evening. Hope to do it again sometime soon!
Today I worked again and oh boy what a long day it has been. There is this event thingy happening in Hansa where I work and it's a Saturday, which meant a lot of people and a lot of customers, which meant cleaning up after closing took me 45 minutes longer than it should. I was exhausted when I finally was finished, and it felt extremely good to come home, sit down and eat! My mom also had some friends over so I just sat and chatted with them for the rest of the evening. I have to say that it was pretty amusing watching them trying to twerk? Unfortunately I have no photogenic evidence.

Phew. Long post. Goodnight!

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