Monday, March 3, 2014

I wanna stay up all night

Like I told you, last night Julle, Emppu, Kata & Ansku came over and we watched the Oscars. Now since  we live almost as far away as possible from where the Oscars are actually held, they air it in the middle of the night here, 3.30 to be exact. But we were all motivated to stay awake and watch the whole ceremony, and we did! We were all super tired by the time the show was over so you can imagine how funny everything seemed to us at 7 when we went to sleep. But I had a blast!
The best parts in my opinion were Jared Leto, his moving winning speech, Pizza delivery to the Oscars, the super selfie which became a record breaking tweet and Pharell Williams hat. And of course, poor old Leo didn't win. I was so hoping he would but Matthew Mcconaughey was amazing in Dallas Byers Club and definitely deserved to win as well...
Aah Jared Leto 
Today I woke up at three (oops, I was pretty beat from staying up all night) but I did manage to get started on my essay. I also went to practice and now I'll try to go to bed early since I have my first day of work tomorrow! But more about that later, IF I have time. After work I'm meeting for a little study circle with some of my class mates about the exam on Wednesday and then I have practice. But I'll probably update in the evening!

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