Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Yay, I have time to post something! I didn't think I was going to have because I have a lot of homework and work and school and... well, it's been a busy week!
Right now I'm working on my pedagogical course assignment. It is about media, how it should be used in school and how it affects the pupils. There's a lot of work to this course but I find it very interesting, especially since we live in a time and place where media and social networking is such a big part of our everyday lives. It's really interesting to compare how media, the internet and social networking has changed in the last 10 year. I remember having to dial-up to the internet which took f o r e v e r, playing Tetris and Sonic the Hedgehog on SEGA, going to this site called The talking head or something like that, and you would type something in a box and it would say it in a Donald Duck voice, anyone remember that? And in school we basically just learnt to use Word and Paint in computer class...

Remember this sound? Hahah, fun stuff! Anyways, I'm just gonna make some lunch and download some music before going to work! Then I have to pack because I'm l´going to Vasa for the weekend which I am very very very excited about. I am also very very very late in packing so I hope I get it done tonight!

BTW my friend Emilia has started blogging! Check her blog out by clicking the link

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