Thursday, February 13, 2014

You're never too old for candy

Why does Thursday always feel like Friday? It might have something to do with the fact that I have Fridays off, well, tomorrow is an exception!
Today I went to my classes, then had lunch with my classmates and since today was the last day for the seniors in all the High schools in Turku, I thought I'd stop by the town center and try to spot Ansku and her classmates who are graduating this spring. They looked like they were having fun and after wishing them all the best of luck I hopped on the buss with only 2 candies in my pocket. It is tradition that the seniors or ABI's as they are called throw candy to the people and usually small children collect them furiously on the streets. Me turning 20 in about 2 months I thought I'd maybe start acting like a grown woman and not collect candy from the street (not that hygienic either, I could add..) but I did run in to my little brother on the buss so I got some of his candy instead. I mean, candy is candy, after all!
Now I'm finally gonna finish that damn essay, I thought it would be better to get it over with so that I can focus on other stuff during the weekend.
Had a chai latte last night with Emppu/Ansku & Josephine, 2 happy Abi's!

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