Saturday, February 22, 2014

We are (almost) the champions

Yesterday was so much fun! First I went to Ella's, we watched ice-hockey (unfortunately Finland lost and didn't get to the final, buuu!), planned our outfits and at 6 we started making our way to B. Once we got there they divided us into different tables. The idea is that you play a game of Kimble but with shot glasses, if you eat someone you get a shot and so on. We didn't really have that high expectations since I haven't played Kimble in probably 10 years or so... but we managed to win the first round and got to the semi-finals! That alone was amazing to us, we were so happy! Then we managed to win the semi-finals as well and proceeded to the final! Well, we were last in the final, but still I was pretty dang proud of our little Salt and Pepper team (that was our theme yesterday, Ella was salt and I was Pepper). Then we danced for hours and at approximately 5 we started making our way home. Pretty fun night and apart from being tired I don't even feel bad, I drank a lot of water which was very good since there was a lot of shotting going on!

Shake it & grind.

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