Monday, February 3, 2014

Take my hand and reload

I didn't feel good at all today when I woke up, in fact, I felt really nauseous! But my dad is in Africa this week so I get to have one of the cars for the use of my own the whole week so it wasn't so bad getting to school, t was quite quick and effortless. My nausea luckily passed and I feel much better, my throat doesn't even hurt anymore! Today I've basically been chilling, doing homework and applying to god-knows-how many jobs online, my eyes are hurting from looking at the computer screen for so long! Anyways, hopefully I'll get some weekend job before summer, God knows I need the money with things like a three week trip to Edinburgh in May on the horizon!
Today I also happened to see the after movie for Weekend Festival and it might give you an idea of what the festival was like... Oh why can't summer come already!?

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