Thursday, February 6, 2014

Put a dollar in the jar

While watching my recent addiction-show last night I got so disturbed with how mean and selfish some people in this world are. The sad truth is that those people are the ones who are economically successful as well, they're the sharks of the world. They don't care about anything else but themselves and money. It's sad and disgusting. It made me angry, really angry, I couldn't fall asleep. But today when I woke up all I could think about was how lucky I am that I have better values than that, that I actually am surrounded by people who cherish love and friendship over greed and money. Just a small thought.
Everybody should have a douchebag jar, great way of making money!
Anyways, soon I'm off to the cinemas, gonna go and see 12 years a slave. I don't know what to expect really, I wasn't planning on seeing it at first but I've heard a few good reviews. We'll see! Otherwise I'm really looking forward to the weekend, I'll get to see my friends and my dad is coming home from Africa!

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