Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Today when I logged in on FB I saw that they had announced 20 new artists fro Ruisrock and you cannot believe how excited I got! Bastille (!!), Veronica Maggio, Icona Pop, Jukka Poika (not that I haven't already seen him like 1000 times but he's a festival must) and many more... Definitely looking forward to summer!
Here's just a few of the thousands of wonderful Ruissi memories

Right now I'm downloading some new music and I'm planning to start on an essay that is due next week. Later tonight basketball and that's basically it. Nothing very excitind. But what is very exciting is this song that is currently on replay in my room!

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Esssi said...

Cheek, Sanni, Erin, Olavi, Haloo helsinki, Jenni Vartiainen, Karri koira, Wiz khalifa, Jukka ja Jonna ja Icona pop!!!! Että on osattu valkkaa kaikki meitsin (oho aika suomipainotteiset) lempparit sinne kans :-----)))))))happyhappy