Sunday, February 23, 2014

My love for you is so natural

It's been a productive day and a really beautiful one as well. Once I had gotten up and had breakfast I hurried to get my Pedagogoy assignment done. I thought it would take much longer but in one hour or so I have ready. I saw the sun was shining and decided to go out for a run. Man it felt good to go out in the fresh air! Now I've just been helping my dad out a bit and had lunch and I really need to take a shower... that's about it! If I would manage to clean my room later today I would be very proud of myself...

Oh yeah btw, Finland crushed USA in the game yesterday and won the Olympic bronze medal for hockey! Emppu came over and watched the game and afterwards we were drooling over Anton Ewald in the swedish Melodifestivalen... Check him out if you haven't seen him perform yet!

He may not be the strongest singer but those moves... swoon.

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