Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Min bleka kind är svart av smink

Can you believe that I woke up today and the sun was shining? Well, technically it was still dark when I woke but as I was walking to the bus I could see an actual blue sky?? Finally finally finally! People who don't live in Finland probably don't understand how depressing it is to literally not see the sun for a couple of months... alright, it did vanish as soon as I got to school (how typical) but now it looks as if it is back, hopefully to stay!
Here comes the sun, nananana...//This was playing all morning long
What else, well I slept like a baby last night and felt super refreshed which only made my mood better. The itch in my throat is slowly disappearing but I decided it was best to skip basketball today to really get over with this cold! Besides, I still have some reading to get done until reading so I'll try to finish that today!
OOTD, wore my shirt that I got in Florida, I love the fringes on it!

Also, here's some feel good music for all of you who can't wait for Spring to come, just like me!

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