Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Heyoo! I did not feel like waking up at all this morning, why is it that your bed feels so comfortable in the morning, you dream of lying in it all day long... well, I was a good girl, got up and went to my classes. Got some good news as well, my lecture tomorrow is canceled so I get to sleep in! YEY! (Ok, I would've started at 11 anyways so I guess it wouldn't have been that bad...heh).
Basically doing the same thing I did yesterday, I didn't really come far along on my essay, I'm suffering from major writer's block! And my practice yesterday felt like a joke, I'm running and doing everything everybody else does but I'm still a bit awkward on my feet so I basically feel like a bull in a china-shop! I also realized I haven't stretched in forever (I feel shame while writing this) so yesterday I stretched for a good 30 minutes which felt great!

I don't really have any fun photos so here's a little collage on the fun events I have planned for the near future!

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