Friday, February 28, 2014


Good Friday everybody! Yesterday I had a very long day, first school and afterwards me and Oona stayed at the University to do a language report that is due next week (so happy that I got that over with!), then I had my last physiotherapy session, or well, we decided that I would call him if I have any trouble with my foot. He also said that my right foot will probably never be as mobile as my left one but it shouldn't really matter that much, I just have to keep on doing the exercises I have been doing for the last month or so!
Then I met up with julle, the plan was to just chill but then we decided to go and check out B instead. It was totally extempore but neither of us had any plans so we thought why not. I of course have a game today so I took it easy but boy did we dance. So I was very tired when we made our way back to julle's at 4.30.
The only 3 pictures I took yesterday

Today I've been chilling, doing some homework and later today my team has a game. I'm excited and a little bit nervous at the same time. I probably won't even play that much since all of our players are attending and I havenät played in 3 months but it's good to get a soft start to it all! So wish us luck!

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