Monday, February 24, 2014

Exhausted - Excited

I don't know what's been going on with me for the past two Sundays but once again I got like 2 hours of sleep! I tried changing the my sleeping position, covering my eyes so that the teeny tiny beam of light wouldn't bother me, forcing myself to yawn... nothing worked. I think I must've fell asleep around 5 and my alarm went off at 6.45. So yes, I've been very tired today, I did take a two hour nap once I got home 'cause I would not have been able to function normally for the rest of the day otherwise!
The good news of today is that I had a job interview in the morning and I got the job! I'll tell you more about it later but right now I'm super happy, I'll start working next week and I have a job for the summer, woop! And after school I got to see Kata and Ansku who I see so rarely (also Emppu and Julle but those two I see all the time so it wasn't too special... jk love u 2!) and I had a blast talking with them over lunch.
Now I'm super duper tired after basketball practice and you know, insomnia, so I think I'll go to bed!

Goodnight everybody!

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