Saturday, February 1, 2014

Älskar veckoslut.

Good Saturday everybody! Don't you just love the weekend? I sure do.
First of all, here are the pictures of my room and the new drawer. The pics are pretty crappy 'cause it was dark and I took them with my phone but you get the picture. Yesterday after writing my exams (finally) I met up with Emppu in town for lunch and later Julle joined us. We bought some essentials for tonight (excited!!) and once I got home I was so tired I just lay in the couch for a few hours and watched friends. Finally decided to organize my closet and it turned out great! I love it when my room is clean, I could camp here all day... But I won't, I promise.

Yup, I was pretty tired and I have bit of a cold but I've tried my best to get better 'cause tonight it's party time! Ansku is turning 20 and I couldn't be more excited. Right now I gotta go get ready but hopefully I'll have something interesting to post about tomorrow from tonight!
This is how we'll be dancing in the club XD

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