Sunday, February 2, 2014

A little party never killed nobody

That was my motto yesterday.
We celebrated Ansku turning 20 (you're not a teenager anymore, time to act like an adult... almost all the time) and I had a really good time! First it was just 'us girls', we have been talking about having a Mexican themed party all summer but we never got to it, so we decided to have a mexican themed pre-pre party instead. We all had mustaches and ate nachos with guacamole and yes, there was tequila involved as well. I think that was the most fun I had all night, playing drinking games with my new male friends Pasqual and Adolf (My mustache was named Randy and I'm a bit embarrassed to say this but the mustache actually looked like it was real on me... That can't be a good sign).
Everybody, meet 'Randy'.
Then Ansku's other guests started arriving and I felt my cold cre
epin' in. But I decided to just drink water and go to the bar anyways. I had a lot of fun on the dance floor with the girls but at 1.30 the smoke nad the loud music on the dancefloor was just too much and I went home. Which was good 'cause I've been laying on the sofa all day. But I definitely feel much better now, my nose isn't running as much, my throat isn't soar and my cough doesn't bother too much!
Wonder what's going through my mind... 

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