Friday, February 28, 2014


Good Friday everybody! Yesterday I had a very long day, first school and afterwards me and Oona stayed at the University to do a language report that is due next week (so happy that I got that over with!), then I had my last physiotherapy session, or well, we decided that I would call him if I have any trouble with my foot. He also said that my right foot will probably never be as mobile as my left one but it shouldn't really matter that much, I just have to keep on doing the exercises I have been doing for the last month or so!
Then I met up with julle, the plan was to just chill but then we decided to go and check out B instead. It was totally extempore but neither of us had any plans so we thought why not. I of course have a game today so I took it easy but boy did we dance. So I was very tired when we made our way back to julle's at 4.30.
The only 3 pictures I took yesterday

Today I've been chilling, doing some homework and later today my team has a game. I'm excited and a little bit nervous at the same time. I probably won't even play that much since all of our players are attending and I havenät played in 3 months but it's good to get a soft start to it all! So wish us luck!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sweater Weather

Although the weather is gradually getting warmer I still keep wishing the sun would miraculously appear and I could change my sweater into a shirt with just my leather jacket on top of it... wishful thinking right?
The driving "test" went well yesterday, we drove around for a couple of hours, a bit awkward at times though. I mean, I can chit chat about this and that but when I'm driving I'd rather just blast the music and sing along to the radio as loud as I can and I didn't really wanna do that with a complete stranger... Anyways, I've done everything I have to in order to get/keep my permanent license and it feels pretty good to get that over with.
Today I've just been doing stuff for school, although I have a pretty hectic week ahead of me with a lot of deadlines, I feel more relaxed than I have in a long time! Maybe it's the fact that I got a job so I don't have to stress about applying and going to job interviews, or about money for that matter, then there's of course the whole license thing that is fixed, I only have one period left in Uni this year, can you believe it has gone by so fast (!!) and on Friday I will be playing my first basketball game in about 3 months! I'm so happy that my ankle is finally functioning semi normally and I can go to our practices and games, I really have missed it!

And since I talked about the warm weather, let's just take a walk down memory road... Oh how I miss going somewhere south! I'm like the tinkerbell of vacationing, If I can't travel to a warm country every 6 months I die! 
Chub Cay, Bahamas
Magaluf, Spain
Phuket, Thailand
Our hotel's crappy pool in Rhodos and julle giving ansku a foot massage XD

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Driving around aimlessly

Just been to school and back, once I got home I immediately started working on my grammar assignments and now I have to get going once again, I have a 2 hour driving lesson that is obligatory for everyone with a license to do. I just called there today to book a date and they said I could do it today so I'm very glad to finally get it over with!

Hehe a bit of a boring post but life sin't always that exciting, right?

When people insult your driving skills...

Ok actually, I'm a good driver so I'm fine. I mean, they can't take away my license or anything? Right?! Just kidding, I know they can't... Now I really have to go, wish me luck!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Exhausted - Excited

I don't know what's been going on with me for the past two Sundays but once again I got like 2 hours of sleep! I tried changing the my sleeping position, covering my eyes so that the teeny tiny beam of light wouldn't bother me, forcing myself to yawn... nothing worked. I think I must've fell asleep around 5 and my alarm went off at 6.45. So yes, I've been very tired today, I did take a two hour nap once I got home 'cause I would not have been able to function normally for the rest of the day otherwise!
The good news of today is that I had a job interview in the morning and I got the job! I'll tell you more about it later but right now I'm super happy, I'll start working next week and I have a job for the summer, woop! And after school I got to see Kata and Ansku who I see so rarely (also Emppu and Julle but those two I see all the time so it wasn't too special... jk love u 2!) and I had a blast talking with them over lunch.
Now I'm super duper tired after basketball practice and you know, insomnia, so I think I'll go to bed!

Goodnight everybody!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

My love for you is so natural

It's been a productive day and a really beautiful one as well. Once I had gotten up and had breakfast I hurried to get my Pedagogoy assignment done. I thought it would take much longer but in one hour or so I have ready. I saw the sun was shining and decided to go out for a run. Man it felt good to go out in the fresh air! Now I've just been helping my dad out a bit and had lunch and I really need to take a shower... that's about it! If I would manage to clean my room later today I would be very proud of myself...

Oh yeah btw, Finland crushed USA in the game yesterday and won the Olympic bronze medal for hockey! Emppu came over and watched the game and afterwards we were drooling over Anton Ewald in the swedish Melodifestivalen... Check him out if you haven't seen him perform yet!

He may not be the strongest singer but those moves... swoon.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

We are (almost) the champions

Yesterday was so much fun! First I went to Ella's, we watched ice-hockey (unfortunately Finland lost and didn't get to the final, buuu!), planned our outfits and at 6 we started making our way to B. Once we got there they divided us into different tables. The idea is that you play a game of Kimble but with shot glasses, if you eat someone you get a shot and so on. We didn't really have that high expectations since I haven't played Kimble in probably 10 years or so... but we managed to win the first round and got to the semi-finals! That alone was amazing to us, we were so happy! Then we managed to win the semi-finals as well and proceeded to the final! Well, we were last in the final, but still I was pretty dang proud of our little Salt and Pepper team (that was our theme yesterday, Ella was salt and I was Pepper). Then we danced for hours and at approximately 5 we started making our way home. Pretty fun night and apart from being tired I don't even feel bad, I drank a lot of water which was very good since there was a lot of shotting going on!

Shake it & grind.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The plan

The plan for today is to first watch Finland kick Sweden's butt in the Olympic ice-hockey semifinals, every time we play against Sweden against hockey it's almost literally a matter of life or death, that is how serious Finn's feel about hockey. I've never been much of a hockey-fan, with my family being more into football but it's definitely exciting when you know that almost the whole country will be watching that game in excitement!

Then once the game is finished I'll be making my way to Ella's, since her and I are going to go and play some Kimble- shot style! Not really sure what to expect but I haven't been out with Ella for a long time so I'm definitely looking forward to it! Hopefully I'll have good news from both the game and our game tomorrow!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feel good

Doesn't it feel good knowing that your weekend has started already? Oh, yours hasn't started yet? Haahaa, too bad! ( I do however now realize that almost everybody is on their 'skiing break' or whatever you would call it and have had the whole week off...).
Well today I've been to school, then had lunch with my classmates, came home, did some homework... pretty much it. I still have to sow some patches on my overalls that I will be using tomorrow when me and Ella go and play some Kimble. But more about that later!
Not that relevant but still pretty funny!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Proud to be a Finn!

Today has definitely been a good day to be a finn! I haven't really been following the Sotchi Olympics all that closely but somehow I have managed to see every victorious medal-moment for our national teams. And today there were several! First the women's cross-country team sprint win silver and then the men's team of the same sport win gold! Wow, you should've heard how my dad was yelling at our television "Jaksaa jaksaa! Saatana se tulee kovaa... ei mee ohi, ei mee ohi!" .There's really no point in trying to translate that into English either, it just wouldn't sound the same! And then against all odds the Finnish Hockey team beat Russia on their home turf in front of Putin and therefor will meet Sweden in the semifinals on Friday...
So it's been a day filled with sports and victory! Just had to share this picture of Vladimir Putin after the game, there's just something about it that makes me really happy! :D

In theory...

I had a super short day today, actually only 45 minutes of lecture and that was it... yup, it feels pretty amazing how little school I have in theory, but actually I have over 200 pages of my book to read until tomorrow and other assignments to do so I'll be doing homework all night long!
Since all I've done is basically gone to school and back I have nothing really interesting to share, except for these two pictures from the sitz that I found on FB today!
Hehe, we had a pretty good table, things happened to the table cloth later on though... XD

Me & my fellow Britannica-members

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Min bleka kind är svart av smink

Can you believe that I woke up today and the sun was shining? Well, technically it was still dark when I woke but as I was walking to the bus I could see an actual blue sky?? Finally finally finally! People who don't live in Finland probably don't understand how depressing it is to literally not see the sun for a couple of months... alright, it did vanish as soon as I got to school (how typical) but now it looks as if it is back, hopefully to stay!
Here comes the sun, nananana...//This was playing all morning long
What else, well I slept like a baby last night and felt super refreshed which only made my mood better. The itch in my throat is slowly disappearing but I decided it was best to skip basketball today to really get over with this cold! Besides, I still have some reading to get done until reading so I'll try to finish that today!
OOTD, wore my shirt that I got in Florida, I love the fringes on it!

Also, here's some feel good music for all of you who can't wait for Spring to come, just like me!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Zero hours

Last night I pretty much just chilled the whole afternoon, got some reading done and had delicious food when my grandparents came over. In the evening I went to Cristel's where we watched tv and played the board game I got for Christmas. Very basic, fun, chill Sunday!
What do you think my favorite Tom Hanks film is?

Yum yum, salmon, sweet potatoes, risotto//My valentine's day card from emppu made crack up! "This isn't a card!"

The less fun thing was that I did not sleep at all last night, I mean literary not a single hour of sleep! I had a cough and a little bit of a head ache and for some reason I just wouldn't fall asleep. You can imagine how I looked in the morning going to school. I could've skipped but decided to go either way, plus I had a job interview later after school... once I got home I took a 2 hour nap and immediately felt better! Right now I'm just trying to stay awake so I'll sleep good tonight and hopefully beat this flue once and for all!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

This always makes me happy

When I

I just close my eyes and I see... beer. A very romantic song from the sitz last night, which was (in my opinion at least) a success! We sang, had good food, played Flip Cup, danced and met new people. I went to sleep at 7 in the morning so I guess that's an indication of a good night? Yes, it must be.
As you might imagine, I'm very tired right now so I'm just gonna lay on the couch until I absolutely have to move... Anyways, here are some pictures from last night!

Feelin' Pretty in Pink!

A tower of cans//If you're wondering what the food looks like at sitzes here's a good example

Thumbs up!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

You're never too old for candy

Why does Thursday always feel like Friday? It might have something to do with the fact that I have Fridays off, well, tomorrow is an exception!
Today I went to my classes, then had lunch with my classmates and since today was the last day for the seniors in all the High schools in Turku, I thought I'd stop by the town center and try to spot Ansku and her classmates who are graduating this spring. They looked like they were having fun and after wishing them all the best of luck I hopped on the buss with only 2 candies in my pocket. It is tradition that the seniors or ABI's as they are called throw candy to the people and usually small children collect them furiously on the streets. Me turning 20 in about 2 months I thought I'd maybe start acting like a grown woman and not collect candy from the street (not that hygienic either, I could add..) but I did run in to my little brother on the buss so I got some of his candy instead. I mean, candy is candy, after all!
Now I'm finally gonna finish that damn essay, I thought it would be better to get it over with so that I can focus on other stuff during the weekend.
Had a chai latte last night with Emppu/Ansku & Josephine, 2 happy Abi's!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Can you believe that it was one year ago when it was me up on those trucks driving around town, with all the seniors celebrating! Crazy, a year goes by so fast! Anyways, my own senior Abi day was unforgettable, so much fun.
For the Abi's celebrating this year, cherish the moments and don't stress too much! Just wait until you start university, that's when the real stress starts! Hah, it's not actually as bad as it sounds. Just enjoy the moment!

I can do this!

It felt like incredible to get to sleep ion today, well, my throat was sore and I can feel my cold creepin' back which is not good! Just as I was getting better... oh well, I'll drink lots of tea and hope for the best.
After chillaxing all afternoon and a quick stop by the physiotherapist I came home and realized I had shitloads of homework to do. Essays, tutorial tasks, books (note PLURAL) to be read and an exam on Friday... Oh Boy. I can do this.
The more exciting news is that I bought a dress for Friday. You may know that I am attending a sitz on Valentine's Day and I just had to buy this dress when I saw it. Plus it was on sale so it only cost me 6 euros, score! Anyways, I'll try to take a picture of it on Friday... In the meantime a not so fun picture of the pile of books and papers surrounding me right now...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Heyoo! I did not feel like waking up at all this morning, why is it that your bed feels so comfortable in the morning, you dream of lying in it all day long... well, I was a good girl, got up and went to my classes. Got some good news as well, my lecture tomorrow is canceled so I get to sleep in! YEY! (Ok, I would've started at 11 anyways so I guess it wouldn't have been that bad...heh).
Basically doing the same thing I did yesterday, I didn't really come far along on my essay, I'm suffering from major writer's block! And my practice yesterday felt like a joke, I'm running and doing everything everybody else does but I'm still a bit awkward on my feet so I basically feel like a bull in a china-shop! I also realized I haven't stretched in forever (I feel shame while writing this) so yesterday I stretched for a good 30 minutes which felt great!

I don't really have any fun photos so here's a little collage on the fun events I have planned for the near future!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Phil Dunphy is my spirit animal

I feel like this is the key to any holiday... especially New Year's and Valentine's Day (when you're single, mostly XD)

The creative process

Another week has begun, the days just fly by! Soon it'll be April and my Birthday (!!!) (I don't think I've ever been this excited about my birthday before, not even when I turned 18... ok maybe equally as excited, but more of that later...). Today it was pretty "warm" (meaning rainy and grey but hey, there's no snow!) so I decided to use my leather jacket, I did however have to put a thicker shirt under... But it wasn't freezing and I could even hear birds chirp! Ah, I love spring, I'm totally fine with the snow melting away as soon as possible!
Right now I'm sitting here writing an essay that is due Friday, I'm starting early on this one, don't want to fall in the usual creative process circle...
Heh, this never happens....

Sunday, February 9, 2014

3 pictures from the weekend

Yesterday was hectic! I was supposed to drive my brother to the swim-hall where he had a meeting with his team. An hour after dropping him off I get a phone call saying that he had been waiting in the lobby all that time and nobody had shown up. I felt so bad for him, and hurried to go and get him. After a few tears and some food he was fine, and it was just a case of having the wrong date!. So when I came home I took a shower, cleaned and went to the grocery store and it was off again driving my brother to his soccer practice. A lot of driving around last night! My friends came over in the evening so I had made some Chocolate chip cookies and parma-ham & melon salad, yummy! Then we chilled all night long, and that's basically it!

Right now I really have to start working on my essay that I have been putting off for way to long, but here are 3 pics from the weekend!
Me sporting my new o.n.e watch and a top my mom got me! Love it!

If you're not from Finland you probably don't know who this is but it's a sketch-character from a popular tv-show and Emppu doing a damn good impersonation... Antsku!  
These were some damn delicious cookies!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Weird in a good way

Just had to make a quick post about tonight 'cause I had so much fun! I seriously have the best and weirdest friends in the world! And we have so many fun things planned ahead, I feel like I could burst from excitement. The beginning of the year is a strange time though. I feel like you have the stress of realizing you need a job but at the same time it's the time of year for birthday parties and all sorts of fun events! Anyways, I had a blast tonight and I got to see almost all
of my friends, even those who have moved so far away (except for Sofie&Anscha!).
Alright time for bed, sleep well!
This picture describes our group pretty well...

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sweet sixteen?

So the movie was a little...meh. I did have a feeling from the beginning that I wasn't gonna be amazed or anything. Yes, the subject is extremely emotional and brutal but it didn't wake any extreme emotions in me... But there was one thing that woke a lot of emotions in me. When we entered the movie theater the man who checked our tickets asked us our ages. We thought it was strange but all replied "19/20"... Then we checked our tickets and saw that the movie is forbidden to under 16-year-olds... Under Sixteen!? Are you kidding me? He thought we were 15? I don't know if I should be flattered or horrified, probably the latter!

Can you spot the difference between 15-year-old me and almost 20-year-old me? Hint: 20-year-old me is holding a wine glass because she is an adult. Teen-me is holding a very beautiful drawing...

Put a dollar in the jar

While watching my recent addiction-show last night I got so disturbed with how mean and selfish some people in this world are. The sad truth is that those people are the ones who are economically successful as well, they're the sharks of the world. They don't care about anything else but themselves and money. It's sad and disgusting. It made me angry, really angry, I couldn't fall asleep. But today when I woke up all I could think about was how lucky I am that I have better values than that, that I actually am surrounded by people who cherish love and friendship over greed and money. Just a small thought.
Everybody should have a douchebag jar, great way of making money!
Anyways, soon I'm off to the cinemas, gonna go and see 12 years a slave. I don't know what to expect really, I wasn't planning on seeing it at first but I've heard a few good reviews. We'll see! Otherwise I'm really looking forward to the weekend, I'll get to see my friends and my dad is coming home from Africa!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A few facts

When I come home from school and if I'm alone in the house, I'll immediately start singing really loudly in the house. Sometimes it gets a bit embarrassing when my family walks in on me trying to sing Les Miserables as loud as I can.
I get cold shivers when I think about biting a wooden ice-cream stick and then dragging it between your teeth. I've never done this but every time I eat ice-cream I can't stop thinking about it.
Currently I'm totally addicted to Paradise Hotel (Swedish Reality-tv show)
I hate throwing up (then again, who doesn't?). Whenever someone I know has the stomach flu, I get super paranoid and feel sick all day.
I don't like eating breakfast in the morning, I get nauseous if I eat too early in the morning. Recently I've tried to become better at this, you know what they say, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...

Just a few facts about me!

Nothing really special to tell you, I've been trying to teach myself basic English grammar today. It might sound strange since I'm an English major, BUT I've never really studied grammar, I've always just understood what sounds correct. Oh and also we got free ice-cream in the University cafeteria... so that's kinda cool I guess? And I got an early Valentine's card from Essi in the mail which made me really happy! It's the small things in life :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Today when I logged in on FB I saw that they had announced 20 new artists fro Ruisrock and you cannot believe how excited I got! Bastille (!!), Veronica Maggio, Icona Pop, Jukka Poika (not that I haven't already seen him like 1000 times but he's a festival must) and many more... Definitely looking forward to summer!
Here's just a few of the thousands of wonderful Ruissi memories

Right now I'm downloading some new music and I'm planning to start on an essay that is due next week. Later tonight basketball and that's basically it. Nothing very excitind. But what is very exciting is this song that is currently on replay in my room!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Take my hand and reload

I didn't feel good at all today when I woke up, in fact, I felt really nauseous! But my dad is in Africa this week so I get to have one of the cars for the use of my own the whole week so it wasn't so bad getting to school, t was quite quick and effortless. My nausea luckily passed and I feel much better, my throat doesn't even hurt anymore! Today I've basically been chilling, doing homework and applying to god-knows-how many jobs online, my eyes are hurting from looking at the computer screen for so long! Anyways, hopefully I'll get some weekend job before summer, God knows I need the money with things like a three week trip to Edinburgh in May on the horizon!
Today I also happened to see the after movie for Weekend Festival and it might give you an idea of what the festival was like... Oh why can't summer come already!?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A little party never killed nobody

That was my motto yesterday.
We celebrated Ansku turning 20 (you're not a teenager anymore, time to act like an adult... almost all the time) and I had a really good time! First it was just 'us girls', we have been talking about having a Mexican themed party all summer but we never got to it, so we decided to have a mexican themed pre-pre party instead. We all had mustaches and ate nachos with guacamole and yes, there was tequila involved as well. I think that was the most fun I had all night, playing drinking games with my new male friends Pasqual and Adolf (My mustache was named Randy and I'm a bit embarrassed to say this but the mustache actually looked like it was real on me... That can't be a good sign).
Everybody, meet 'Randy'.
Then Ansku's other guests started arriving and I felt my cold cre
epin' in. But I decided to just drink water and go to the bar anyways. I had a lot of fun on the dance floor with the girls but at 1.30 the smoke nad the loud music on the dancefloor was just too much and I went home. Which was good 'cause I've been laying on the sofa all day. But I definitely feel much better now, my nose isn't running as much, my throat isn't soar and my cough doesn't bother too much!
Wonder what's going through my mind...