Saturday, January 18, 2014

What's eating Gilbert Grape?

Hello hello. My weekend so far has consisted of reading to the 3 remaining exams I have, I'm definitely feeling a bit stressed since i have a lot to read and all of the exams are on the same day but at the same time I do feel pretty confident since I've actually paid attention in class and I am intressed in the things I am reading about! That's great with Uni, this is what I've chosen to study so reading for an exam the whole day doesn't feel that bad.
Then I also went to this Back2School event in the Monkey, it was fun but there was also a few dramatic moments. I was just happy to get to wear my overall! Yesterday I read read read and in the evening Julle and Emppu came over to watch What's eating, Gilbert Grape and the Voice. How great is Leonardo Dicaprio in that movie? He's like incredible, I hope he wins the Oscar this year 'cause he frigging deserves it! The internet will definitely go insane if he does. Although we all agreed that while Leo is an amazing actor, he's a little bit like Jay Gatsby, you kinda never know how he is in real life and every time he's talking or giving a speech he seems so mysterious and really formal... we imagined him just snapping and going crazy like most of his dark characters!
Arnie is the cutest!

But Leo can be scary...
Wow long post. Today I've already managed to clean my room and go out for a walk/run, now I'll continue by reading for my exams and later I'll hopefully have something fun planned with my friends! Big Love everybody!
Pic from Rebecca's, her place is so nice!

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