Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Beach

Today I thought it would be nice to go out and do something, instead of sitting at home all day like you would normally do on a Sunday, so me, Julle and Emppu drove to Ruissalo and thought we would go out for a hike. First we walked around the area where they have the annual Ruisrock festival and it looked so weird, not at all like in the summer! We tried to point out where all of the different stages are and just thought back to all the fun memories we have from Ruisrock. I can't wait for summer to come and to (hopefully) go to the festival for a 5th time!
After hiking around for about an hour, we drove to julles and had some nachos for dinner and just chilled out. Now I'm at home and I'm eating some pancakes for dessert and I'm trying to watch Saturday Night Live... Jonah Hill is hosting and since watching The Wolf of Wall Street I've developed a slight obsession with Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill. That being said, GO WATCH THE MOVIE!
The beach looks a bit different this time of year...

Happy in the woods

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