Saturday, January 25, 2014


Today I...
...watched 'Mishka the talking dog' videos with my little brother. He's obsessed with Huskies at the moment and is constantly begging my parents to get us a puppy. As long as he is the one who takes it out for a morning run, I'm fine!
... went out for a jog. This time I went a bit shorter route but I ran almost the whole time. I have to say I actually enjoy running in the ice cold much better, today it was a bit warmer (still minus degrees) but i got so hot and sweaty and uncomfortable.
... will be going to Ikea with Emppu. What will we get? Maybe it's a surprise ;)
... will be going to see my team play. Go girls!
... will have another chill evening at home. I decided to postpone going out 'till next weekend when Ansku turns 20. It much more fun to go out when you actually have something to celebrate!
 Ok bye emppu's heere!

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