Thursday, January 23, 2014


Once again when I woke up our pipes were frozen and there was no water running, but hopefully now the problem is forever fixed! Anyways, today I've been to school, after my classes were done I went to sit at a cafe for while before I had my physiotherapy session. I'm reading a book called Requiem by Lauren Oliver and it's the third installment in a trilogy... I'll probably finish the book today which is good, 'cause I have two other novels to read for school!
Tomorrow I finally have my Allmän Språkvetenskap exam, I'm not quite sure how I will do since there is a lot to read and some of the terms are really complex.. I'm pretty sure it will go alright and at least once I'm done I won't have any more exams to read for (well, technically I still have 2 exams in January but I've already studied for those so I just have to do a quick recap before I do the exams).
I feel like my blog is pretty boring, and I don't have a lot to write about... Well, A week from now it'll be Ansku's BDay which means the season of celebrations begin, so hopefully my blogging will be a bit more interesting!
Cafe Mocha was nice to drink in the cold weather// "Cause I'm Happyyy...."

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