Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Plans for the weekend

This week has been really low key, I've seriously just slept way too late, went on walks, done schoolwork... and yeah that's it! I am however planning to go to town at some point today or tomorrow, I have to get something for Essi who I am visiting this weekend, since she has gotten her first own apartment! Woop, super excited about that!
Tomorrow I'll also be seeing my friends, we're planning some sort of dinner since Meri is leaving to go and study in Sweden and Sofie is going to South Africa. Sad to see them go but so happy for them! I would also like to congratulate Nadya who has now officially become a college student. Welcome to the gang cuzzo, you have a lot of fun and hard times ahead of you!
Since I STILL don't have any pictures (I don't think you'd be interested in pictures of me looking bored as hell/the pile of papers on my desk) here are some I found on my Iphone instead:

Fun times with fun people

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