Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's Tuesday

Sunday was fun, the most fun I had though was hanging with my friend before we went to the club. Getting ready at my place, listening to songs from musicals (not your typical party music, right?), going to Cristel's gossiping, making up our own song for the night, then Sofie coming with us as a surprise! This might not seem like a big deal but trust me, Sofie NEVER comes out with us, but now she's going to South Africa for two months (how crazy is that!?) so I am very glad that she decided to come with us!
Once we got to the bar the line was crazy long, probably because it was one of the only bars open on a Sunday and Finland had just won the junior world championships in Hockey, which meant a lot of boys yelling and singing on the streets. We waited in line for like and hour and stayed on the dance floor until the very end of the night. A little too crowded for my taste but I always have fun with my girls!
Today after waking up and eating breakfast I want for a walk in the rain, and now I have to continue reading to my exams that are on Friday!
In lack of any good pictures to show you, here is Sam stating the obvious!

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