Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blue Crispy White

Happy Tuesday everybody!
Quick catch-up: On Sunday I read for the most part of the afternoon and then late in the evening I met up with my friends to go and see the movie Delivery Man. I expected it to be a kinda brainless comedy since it stars Vince Vaughn and well, the movie is called "Delivery Man". But it had more depth in it than I thought, and it was like and easy-going feel-good movie, perfect for a Sunday!
Other than that I've basically just been reading, yesterday I went to look at my team's rehearsals and I shot some hoops for an hour or so, then more reading today. But I also got a call for a job interview which I'm pretty happy about. I've been applying for some jobs recently to save up some money, of course I'm still studying but I am perfectly capable of working evenings/weekends.
Now I'm going out for a walk/run, wish I would've done it earlier today when the weather was this nice!

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