Sunday, January 12, 2014


Sorry for the blog-hiatus, I've been in Tampere all weekend and have had much more important things to do than to blog!

On Friday I had my first two exams and I think they went pretty well, so once I was finished I had lunch at school and started walking towards the bus station. 3 hours in the bus went by pretty quickly and I finally got to see Essi and her new apartment! We chilled for a few hours, and made avocado-pasta (The pasta was unfortunately a little bit of a disaster, the avocados were super hard so of course we thought we'd boil them (don't look at me like that, Google said I could do it!) well, they did become soft but I wouldn't say they had much flavor to them... Then Essi gave me my late-Christmas present which was going to the movies to see Frozen, which is of course ironic when I thought I had at last escaped the bitter cold winter of Finland and immediately when I came home it started snowing...typical. ANYWAYS, Frozen was reeeaally good so I think you all should see it!
I might be a bit more tanned then Essi//Pasta may not have been a success but the wine was so all is good!

This is how I ran on the street after the movie and totally embarrassed Essi 
On Saturday we slept in and just watched tv for a few hours, then decided to try our food making skills again, this time something easier, pizza. BUT Essi's oven is some fancy microwave/oven combo thing... the pizza wasn't burnt but lets just say it was hard as a rock. But alcohol came to our rescue and after getting ready we went to check out Tampere's nightlife. It was a bit empty but I had a blast and the best part was just dancing with my friend who I see so seldom. Now I'm home and exhausted so I'm just gonna watch a movie and call it a night!
Red wine got to come with on the walk to the bar

White wine selfies are essential

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