Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back to reality

Yesterday I got this sudden realization of how much schoolwork I have. Since I left school a week earlier I missed all my exams and now I have to take them in January, plus I have some essays to finish and some pages left in e few books. Thank God I still have a week of! So yesterday was spent with my nose in a book (or mostly in my notes), until later in the evening when some of my friends came over for board game-night. I don't know why we never used to have board game-night before, board game-night rules!
Yesterday I also fell asleep at 3 which is HUGE progress, and today I'll continue with my school stuff but later tonight I'm going out with my girls which I am sososososoooo excited about!
Throwback to the last days of Florida when I wore my pug shirt and tried to take a selfie with the cutest dog in the world who I miss so much! And ofcourse I also miss my family there, just a little bit.

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