Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ikea, you son of a...

... you know what. Don't you just love it when you assemble an Ikea drawer and halfway through you realize that one frigging piece is in the wrong place! Yup, me and my mom went to Ikea today and she bought me a drawer (right now I have a very very small closet that we got for free and it's broken and super tiny so I definitely needed more closet space). After three hours of working hard we finally got it fixed up and I have to say I love it! I'll show you a picture tomorrow when I've cleaned up. My room right now smells like wood-chips and it's making it hard to breathe. Ikea furniture is definitely not my thing.
Also had a meeting with the physio-therapist and played teacher when I questioned my bro on English words. Oh and yesterday after my schooling was done, me, Oona and Elin went to Rebecka's and made pancakes. I think we definitely deserved after being in school for almost 9 hours!
Now I should get some sleep, I have the last two exams from last period tomorrow, so wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Looking through old photos...

...and thinking "what the hell was I doing?". When I was in the 8th grade I got my systematic camera and that is why I have thousands of pictures of me and my friends when we were teeny boppers. I can't decide if this is good or bad (mostly good, it's fun laughing at old pictures). Me and Julle used to have photoshoots and take tons of pictures... Here are the results of one of them:

Apparently I'm trying to look very graceful and do some kind of dance moves?? Julle's picture came out a bit better...
Such poise...

A dark world aches for a splash of the sun

The past two days have mostly consisted of school work. Today for example I had an intensive course about the difficulties a teacher might cross in classrooms and I found it really interesting. The course continues tomorrow and I'm actually kinda excited, although I will be 'stuck' in school from 8.30-5.30... Today I'm also planning on going to my basketball rehearsals to test my foot. I'm not supposed to jump on it yet but I'll probably be doing some dribbling and shooting, we'll see what I come up with!
I love the fact that it's getting lighter outside, the sky is so beautiful when the sun is setting! Seeing the pink and blue merge in to one and listening to Young the Giant's Cough Syrup... Beautiful.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Beach

Today I thought it would be nice to go out and do something, instead of sitting at home all day like you would normally do on a Sunday, so me, Julle and Emppu drove to Ruissalo and thought we would go out for a hike. First we walked around the area where they have the annual Ruisrock festival and it looked so weird, not at all like in the summer! We tried to point out where all of the different stages are and just thought back to all the fun memories we have from Ruisrock. I can't wait for summer to come and to (hopefully) go to the festival for a 5th time!
After hiking around for about an hour, we drove to julles and had some nachos for dinner and just chilled out. Now I'm at home and I'm eating some pancakes for dessert and I'm trying to watch Saturday Night Live... Jonah Hill is hosting and since watching The Wolf of Wall Street I've developed a slight obsession with Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill. That being said, GO WATCH THE MOVIE!
The beach looks a bit different this time of year...

Happy in the woods

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Today I...
...watched 'Mishka the talking dog' videos with my little brother. He's obsessed with Huskies at the moment and is constantly begging my parents to get us a puppy. As long as he is the one who takes it out for a morning run, I'm fine!
... went out for a jog. This time I went a bit shorter route but I ran almost the whole time. I have to say I actually enjoy running in the ice cold much better, today it was a bit warmer (still minus degrees) but i got so hot and sweaty and uncomfortable.
... will be going to Ikea with Emppu. What will we get? Maybe it's a surprise ;)
... will be going to see my team play. Go girls!
... will have another chill evening at home. I decided to postpone going out 'till next weekend when Ansku turns 20. It much more fun to go out when you actually have something to celebrate!
 Ok bye emppu's heere!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Goals: Be happy

I am not one who usually writes a lot about my opinions or feelings on this blog. It might be because I'm quite neutral. I almost never fight with my parents or my friends (and by this I mean like big arguments, everybody has a need to bicker with someone sometimes, me included!), and my friends say I'm usually "Switzerland" in any conflict we have. I do have opinions of my own, but I feel like what's the point in making a big deal out of something that in the end has little meaning?
I've noticed a lot of girls my age who are concerned with the things a normal teenager dwell over: school, appearances, love... At times it seems like these girls are just trying to find something negative wherever they can find it! The truth is, most of us forget how lucky we are. We have a family, we have friends, we have the right to educate ourselves, we have a roof over our heads, we aren't starving, we have our freedom. Sometimes I think of all the horrible things some people go through, everyday and still, somehow they manage to move on with their lives and be happy. It's amazing!
I guess my point is: allow yourself to be happy! Don't fixate on the negative things in life, cherish the good things you have. Now I will cherish the fact that it is the weekend, I have a job interview in a few hours and that in the end, I'm quite happy at the moment!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Once again when I woke up our pipes were frozen and there was no water running, but hopefully now the problem is forever fixed! Anyways, today I've been to school, after my classes were done I went to sit at a cafe for while before I had my physiotherapy session. I'm reading a book called Requiem by Lauren Oliver and it's the third installment in a trilogy... I'll probably finish the book today which is good, 'cause I have two other novels to read for school!
Tomorrow I finally have my Allmän Språkvetenskap exam, I'm not quite sure how I will do since there is a lot to read and some of the terms are really complex.. I'm pretty sure it will go alright and at least once I'm done I won't have any more exams to read for (well, technically I still have 2 exams in January but I've already studied for those so I just have to do a quick recap before I do the exams).
I feel like my blog is pretty boring, and I don't have a lot to write about... Well, A week from now it'll be Ansku's BDay which means the season of celebrations begin, so hopefully my blogging will be a bit more interesting!
Cafe Mocha was nice to drink in the cold weather// "Cause I'm Happyyy...."

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blue Crispy White

Happy Tuesday everybody!
Quick catch-up: On Sunday I read for the most part of the afternoon and then late in the evening I met up with my friends to go and see the movie Delivery Man. I expected it to be a kinda brainless comedy since it stars Vince Vaughn and well, the movie is called "Delivery Man". But it had more depth in it than I thought, and it was like and easy-going feel-good movie, perfect for a Sunday!
Other than that I've basically just been reading, yesterday I went to look at my team's rehearsals and I shot some hoops for an hour or so, then more reading today. But I also got a call for a job interview which I'm pretty happy about. I've been applying for some jobs recently to save up some money, of course I'm still studying but I am perfectly capable of working evenings/weekends.
Now I'm going out for a walk/run, wish I would've done it earlier today when the weather was this nice!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chill Saturday Night

Yesterday after finishing my reading I drove to Cristel's where we watched Putous. Then we all went to Edison's, since we were all driving we just had one and chilled for a while, met some guys who used to go to our school who had their weekend off from the military and then went home. A chill Saturday night, basically!
Today I finisihed reading for my 2nd exam, now I only have one more to read to! Then I went to Mylly with julle for a while, and later tonight we're going to go and see the movie Delivery Man with my friends. I won some free movie tickets a month back so it's basically free as well!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

What's eating Gilbert Grape?

Hello hello. My weekend so far has consisted of reading to the 3 remaining exams I have, I'm definitely feeling a bit stressed since i have a lot to read and all of the exams are on the same day but at the same time I do feel pretty confident since I've actually paid attention in class and I am intressed in the things I am reading about! That's great with Uni, this is what I've chosen to study so reading for an exam the whole day doesn't feel that bad.
Then I also went to this Back2School event in the Monkey, it was fun but there was also a few dramatic moments. I was just happy to get to wear my overall! Yesterday I read read read and in the evening Julle and Emppu came over to watch What's eating, Gilbert Grape and the Voice. How great is Leonardo Dicaprio in that movie? He's like incredible, I hope he wins the Oscar this year 'cause he frigging deserves it! The internet will definitely go insane if he does. Although we all agreed that while Leo is an amazing actor, he's a little bit like Jay Gatsby, you kinda never know how he is in real life and every time he's talking or giving a speech he seems so mysterious and really formal... we imagined him just snapping and going crazy like most of his dark characters!
Arnie is the cutest!

But Leo can be scary...
Wow long post. Today I've already managed to clean my room and go out for a walk/run, now I'll continue by reading for my exams and later I'll hopefully have something fun planned with my friends! Big Love everybody!
Pic from Rebecca's, her place is so nice!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Go me!

This morning didn't start off great. Because of the cold, the pipes in our house are frozen, which meant that no water was running upstairs yesterday. Well today we had some guys working on the problem, but in order to do so, they had to fix something in the downstairs bathroom, which meant neither of the bathrooms worked! I had to leave 30 minutes earlier just to take a bus to the town so that I could go to the bathroom. There is a beautiful lesson to be learnt in this story: Cherish your bathrooms, guys.

But the rest of the day was pretty good, after school I had my first physiotherapy session and my therapist showed me some moves I could do to get my flexibility and motion back to normal. Then I went to julle's where she made us lunch (and it was very good, so thank you for that!) and then we watched the Mindy project in her freezing apartment. Got picked up, went home and decided to go for a walk/run... Just the other day I looked at horror at all the joggers that are willing to go and run in the freezing cold air so I felt very proud of myself for going. My therapist suggested I could walk for 10 minutes and then run for 5, ect. ect, so that's what I did. My butt got a little bit cold but otherwise it wasn't that bad, and this is coming from someone who really does not enjoy just jogging...

Me in the picture supporting my new FightBack beanie which I love! If you don't know anything about FightBack and Pekka Hyysalo you should really google it, it's truly inspirational! I also ordered one for Nadya as a Christmas present but I'll have to mail it to her, 'cause my order didn't arrive until after I got back from the States. The other picture is the yummy salad I made for dinner, it was pretty delicious.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chaitea for cold winter afternoons

I said, BURRRR, it's cold in here... I woke up today and it was -19 degrees Celsius. You can imagine how thrilled I was to walk to the bus station and walk from the town center to school.
Anywho, had a couple of lectures, made my way home (I didn't freeze to death, rejoice!) and now I've been doing homework. I also warmed myself up with some ChaiTea-latte, which was delicious and easy to make!
All you need is cinnamon, ground ginger, tea, brown sugar and milk! I put 2 teabags, the cinnamon and the ginger in a filter and brewed them in the coffee maker. Then I added a little bit of brown sugar to the milk which I heated in a pan, add the two in a BIG coffee mug and voila!

Monday, January 13, 2014

And the award goes too...

And the cold keeps getting colder. I am one of those people who could definitely have lived without snow this winter, sure, I like the fact that we have four seasons but the snow is for Christmas and -15 degrees is not fun in the morning. I do however like the fact that the sun is shining, and the snow does light up the dark a bit. So I guess it still has some advantages...
Today it was goodbye vacation and hello university. January is the time for new beginning but also shitloads of stress (to put it nicely). Getting all of your arrangements together, applying for jobs 'cause you're broke (heh, almost), realizing how much stuff you have to do in general... Today I have been very effective so I'me managed to cross of a lot of points on my 'to do list'.

I think I'll reward myself by watching The Golden Globes. Award-season, yeah!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Sorry for the blog-hiatus, I've been in Tampere all weekend and have had much more important things to do than to blog!

On Friday I had my first two exams and I think they went pretty well, so once I was finished I had lunch at school and started walking towards the bus station. 3 hours in the bus went by pretty quickly and I finally got to see Essi and her new apartment! We chilled for a few hours, and made avocado-pasta (The pasta was unfortunately a little bit of a disaster, the avocados were super hard so of course we thought we'd boil them (don't look at me like that, Google said I could do it!) well, they did become soft but I wouldn't say they had much flavor to them... Then Essi gave me my late-Christmas present which was going to the movies to see Frozen, which is of course ironic when I thought I had at last escaped the bitter cold winter of Finland and immediately when I came home it started snowing...typical. ANYWAYS, Frozen was reeeaally good so I think you all should see it!
I might be a bit more tanned then Essi//Pasta may not have been a success but the wine was so all is good!

This is how I ran on the street after the movie and totally embarrassed Essi 
On Saturday we slept in and just watched tv for a few hours, then decided to try our food making skills again, this time something easier, pizza. BUT Essi's oven is some fancy microwave/oven combo thing... the pizza wasn't burnt but lets just say it was hard as a rock. But alcohol came to our rescue and after getting ready we went to check out Tampere's nightlife. It was a bit empty but I had a blast and the best part was just dancing with my friend who I see so seldom. Now I'm home and exhausted so I'm just gonna watch a movie and call it a night!
Red wine got to come with on the walk to the bar

White wine selfies are essential

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Plans for the weekend

This week has been really low key, I've seriously just slept way too late, went on walks, done schoolwork... and yeah that's it! I am however planning to go to town at some point today or tomorrow, I have to get something for Essi who I am visiting this weekend, since she has gotten her first own apartment! Woop, super excited about that!
Tomorrow I'll also be seeing my friends, we're planning some sort of dinner since Meri is leaving to go and study in Sweden and Sofie is going to South Africa. Sad to see them go but so happy for them! I would also like to congratulate Nadya who has now officially become a college student. Welcome to the gang cuzzo, you have a lot of fun and hard times ahead of you!
Since I STILL don't have any pictures (I don't think you'd be interested in pictures of me looking bored as hell/the pile of papers on my desk) here are some I found on my Iphone instead:

Fun times with fun people

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's Tuesday

Sunday was fun, the most fun I had though was hanging with my friend before we went to the club. Getting ready at my place, listening to songs from musicals (not your typical party music, right?), going to Cristel's gossiping, making up our own song for the night, then Sofie coming with us as a surprise! This might not seem like a big deal but trust me, Sofie NEVER comes out with us, but now she's going to South Africa for two months (how crazy is that!?) so I am very glad that she decided to come with us!
Once we got to the bar the line was crazy long, probably because it was one of the only bars open on a Sunday and Finland had just won the junior world championships in Hockey, which meant a lot of boys yelling and singing on the streets. We waited in line for like and hour and stayed on the dance floor until the very end of the night. A little too crowded for my taste but I always have fun with my girls!
Today after waking up and eating breakfast I want for a walk in the rain, and now I have to continue reading to my exams that are on Friday!
In lack of any good pictures to show you, here is Sam stating the obvious!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back to reality

Yesterday I got this sudden realization of how much schoolwork I have. Since I left school a week earlier I missed all my exams and now I have to take them in January, plus I have some essays to finish and some pages left in e few books. Thank God I still have a week of! So yesterday was spent with my nose in a book (or mostly in my notes), until later in the evening when some of my friends came over for board game-night. I don't know why we never used to have board game-night before, board game-night rules!
Yesterday I also fell asleep at 3 which is HUGE progress, and today I'll continue with my school stuff but later tonight I'm going out with my girls which I am sososososoooo excited about!
Throwback to the last days of Florida when I wore my pug shirt and tried to take a selfie with the cutest dog in the world who I miss so much! And ofcourse I also miss my family there, just a little bit.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Sleepless in Raisio

My prediction for last night was right; I watched my new fave show the Mindy Project (it's a sitcom which I find a mixture of New Girl and 30 Rock which of course makes it totally awesome) until approximately 3 o'clock and then I tried to fall asleep. Decided 60 minutes later that it wasn't working so I continued with reading the Great Gatsby, and at 5 I once again tried to fall asleep with no result. I think I finally fell asleep sometime after 6 in the morning, and I forced myself to get out of bed at 1 so that I'll get some sort of routine. Gotta love jetlag.
Today I've been chilling, I did some school work (yay me) and I FINALLY got my FightBack beanie that I ordered (Nadya, you'll get yours soon in the mail!). Later today I'm going out for a drink with my gurls.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Home, Resolutions & Bucketlist

There's no place like home, that's the truth! I'm home and well, the flights weren't bad at all although I would've much rather been at home wishing Happy New Year instead but I got to hear all about the party today instead!
Last night I just chilled, I was pretty beat from travelling all day, and I even slept from about twelve hours which felt really good! Today I will be staying awake though, I can already feel my jetlag keeping me awake! I don't mind, I have a lot of stuff to do and 2 weeks before school starts so I'll get my system going again.
Today I saw all of my friends, oh how I've missed them! I'll be seeing them a lot more this weekend too!

Just thought I'd share with you my New Year's Resolutions, they're pretty realistic!

I also have a small Bucketlist for the year 2014:

  • Read those books you should've read but haven't
  • Throw a smashing 20th Birthday Party 
  • For once, have an awesome and legendary Vappu that doesn't turn out to total shit (Vappu and New Years always tend to not be as great as you think they will be)
The list will probably be longer but those are the things I've come up with so far!