Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Your heartbeat of solid gold

Two days ago me, Nadya & Brandon went to Boca Mall and did some Christmas shopping, both for ourselves and some gifts. I found a really cute army jacket from Forever 21 that was only 20$, I can't wait to wear it at home (or I can, I do like being here in the sun much more than being home in the cold and the rain...). After shopping my foot was HUGE, it was so swollen it looked like an elephants foot! Shopping is hard, y'all!
Yesterday we just stayed at home, had some delicious food with the fam, which was nice. Just chillaxing!
Today we went to the beach, at first it was really cloudy but then the sun came, aaah it was sooo nice! Happy to have some color on my face, finally!
Food last night was AH-MAZING!

After Beach//Family!

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