Tuesday, December 10, 2013

We're under control

Heyoo! Today is the day! Yup, we're leaving for sunny Florida. I have to say it hasn't really sunken in yet, I was more focused of getting rid of the cast and I have! Ah, it feels so amazing, appreciate your legs people! After not walking normally for 6 weeks and not washing my right foot (!!!) I have to say walking without the cast feels great, even if my ankle is still very stiff and a bit swollen.
When I got home I was super tired, so after a shower I fell asleep with my towel still wrapped around me, lol. But now I've finished packing and I think I'll stay up tonight, since we're leaving in the night (maybe I'll get some sleep in the plane, I usually don't though).
 Here's my favorite song at the moment. Calvin Harris and Hurts, could there be a better combination!?
Throwback to Calvin Harris this summer.
Seeing Hurts for the first time! Since then I've seen them 3 more times... what can I say,  LOVE!

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