Thursday, December 12, 2013

The trip

We're here! I'll try to briefly write about the trip and our first day so far BUT I think it'll be quite a long post, I'm very sorry!
Anyways, we started our trip at 4 in the morning, I had had some trouble falling asleep the days before our trip so I figured I'd just stay awake the night, I did however try to fall asleep but I failed. But I slept in the car and almost the whole first flight to London. And London, never ever fly through London. There was so much fog so our first flight was delayed by two hours, which meant less time in London to get to our connecting flight. Now my leg is really swollen and stiff still, and of course our gate was at the very end of the airport... But I got a wheelchair and we made our flight!
I also hate waiting in line and that's all we did once we got to the U.S but here we are (a few bags short, those are hopefully coming later, I'm just glad my suitcase made it!) As soon as we got to the house we ordered some pizza and went to bed.

Miami//My breakfast at HEL airport

Today I've been sun tanning for a bit, then me and Nadya went to Starbucks where she works (Yay, lots of employee discount prized coffee for me!), then we went to get our nails done. It's the first time I've ever gotten my nails done at a saloon but it's a lot more affordable here so why not! I like the outcome too, just a little to get used too... Then we went shopping (of course I couldn't resist buying some stuff) and had lunch at Panera Bread. We did everything a typical white girl American would do. Later tonight we're going to go and see the new Hobbit movie with some of Nadya's friends, which will be nice, although I haven't seen the first one yet... I'm so glad to be here, I didn't even realize how pale and tired I've been recently, and it feels nice to get some new energy in the Florid sun!
Gingerbread latte/ lunch with Nadya/The Nails Saloon

The doggies at the pool//Happy!

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