Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Something to look forward too...

If I haven't bragged about this already enough on my blog, I will remind you that in exactly one week I'll be in an airplane on my way to Florida, where I'll be spending Christmas with my family. This is because my cousins and my aunt lives over there, so we usually spend Christmas there and even New Year (this year I'll be spending my New Years Eve in an airplane, but I don't mind, New Year is never as fun as you think it will be!)
Anyways, we just chatted with my fam over there and I just have to say i have a lot of things to look forward to! Me and my cousin are planning a short trip to Key Largo, we've been planning to go to the Bahamas for a few days and we've even talked about going to Disney world! Like, HOW AWESOME does that not sound?!

Just a few of my wonderful Florida memories, I have to say I'm lucky to have so many, having been there something like 15 times!

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