Sunday, December 1, 2013

(Not so) Secret Santa

Yesterday (after my headache had passed, hehe...) me, Ella and Emppu went to Mylly to do some shopping. For myself I bought a navy blue shirt, some glittery nailpolish that I will use to do Holiday themes nails and some school stuff.
 But I also managed to buy some Christmas presents, this year I've really taken it as a mission to buy good Christmas gifts, every year I panic over what to get people but this year I've really thought about what I will get everyone so hopefully everyone will like what I'll give them. Yup so I bought my dad an early present, which was the Vain Elämää-cd I knew he wanted and he was super happy, and I also bought a special gift for our Secret Santa exchange that we have with out friends (unfortunately, the gift didn't stay that secret considering the person I was buying for was with me but I hope she didn't figure out what I got her!)
What I bought for myself yesterday!

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