Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last night of 2013...

...and the last night in Florida! Buuhuu! Although I do miss my friends and my own bed (I kn ow you feel the same Nadya, sharing that one cover has been... challenging XD) I will miss my family and the sunny state! I have to say that I'm way to un-social to be living over here but a 3 week visit every winter is just perfect!
Last night was a good end to the holiday, we went to Flanagan's to eat some yummy ribs and a huge chocolate brownie dessert, when we got home we did some suck'n'blow jello shots (can you believe I did jello shots with my grandma?) and the night ended with the always hilarious Madagascar!
Right now we're just chilling, our flight leaves at 6 o'clock so New Year's will be spent on a plane... hopefully they have good movies!

Happy New Year Everybody, may 2014 be even better!



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