Friday, December 6, 2013

Ditt ljus, din glans, din fröjd, ditt hopp.

First of all, Happy Independence day Finland! Happy to live is such a wonderful country.
Second of all, yesterday was super fun! There were a lot of people at Matilda's and we drank glögg and had some Christmas pastries, there was even some didgeridoo playing! At half past midnight everybody else started making their way to Dynamo, but I had promised to meet up with Cristel (and Dynamo is k20 so I couldn't have gone either way) and our plan was to go to Forte, but the line was ridiculously long (and it was also k20, man, I can't wait 'til I turn 20!) so we ended up going to Marilyn instead which was absolutely packed! But it was fun dancing and after a couple of hours we went home.
I also had the nicest taxi driver in the world! He let me pass a really long line because of my foot and we spent the whole car ride talking about my injury and his family, which was kinda fun!

 My classmates wanted to draw on my cast and I probably should've been more observing when they drew on it... I feel like I'm going to be slightly embarrassed when I go to the doctor to remove my cast...

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