Monday, December 2, 2013

December, be good.

I have a good feeling about this week! Last week was all about last minute assignments and schoolwork but this week there are much less school related work to be done and more things that have to do with Christmas presents and preparing for our trip to Florida, which is 1000% more fun. And besides, is the last week of having to wear my cast, thank goodness for that! Today I even carried my own tray, for the last 5 weeks I've been forced to ask all of my classmates do carry it for me, and I know they'll gladly do it but I just don't like asking everybody to help me all the time, it's seriously frustrating! But no more of that, luckily...
Today I'm just chilling, have some essays to get started on and some DIY gifts that I'm planning on but I hope your start of December was as good as mine!

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