Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas day

Did you all have a good Christmas? I definitely did, the food was divine (and afterwards I had the worst food coma ever), I got lots of cool presents, I'm so happy to be with my family (but I also miss all of my wonderful friends!) and just chill before it's back to reality in January.
Today we're just chilling since it's Christmas day, and here in the U.S that's the real Christmas day so almost everything is closed (except Starbucks where Nadya is right now getting some Christmas tips), I got this cool game as a present last night so we'll probbaly play that together at some point and maybe go see a movie.
But tomorrow we're going to.... *drumroll*... DISNEY WORLD. I feel like a kid again, I can't wait!

Ps. I didn't take too many pictures last night but here are a few! I'll try to show you my gifts later!

Maximus's favorite gift was a Miami Dolphins Plush Animal

Lulu, Mommo, Maxen and his crazy Christmas hat

We all wore the same shoes, althoguh my foot only allowed me to wear one shoe!

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