Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chatty man

Had a semi long day at school but our last lecture ended 45 minutes earlier, so after that Rebecka, Oona and Nora walked with me to town (my mom was supposed to pick me up from school but I didn't feel like waiting one hour alone so I thought I'd walk to school instead, which is good since in a few days I can start walking without my crutches anyways!), we went to check out the new bridge that had its opening ceremony yesterday and I did a little more Christmas shopping...
I'm trying to figure out tomorrow, I'm probably going to Matilda's who is organizing a little Christmas party and I might go out after that... It all depends on if I get any company XD

Oh and yesterday I went for a late night coffee with Emppu and her new car, which was pretty cool. I ended up having glögg which was loaded with sugar but I had a fun time talking with her. We're pretty similar so we never have an issue coming up with things to talk about, even when the radio of her car was broken and there was no music in the car!

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