Saturday, December 28, 2013


Well the year is ending and since I'll be spending New Years Eve on an airplane (I'm planning on being the most annoying passenger and doing a 'New Years Countdown' on every timezone we pass... maybe not) I thought this would be a good time to take a look at the year 2013!

I got home from the States just in time to celebrate New Years with my friends for the first time and I have to say that it is overrated! But I had a good time and after being awake for something like... over 30 hours?? I. was. dead.

Went to Tampere to visit Essi with Ella!

This was the funniest video me and my friends had seen in a while
Sang with Emppu at a concert that our school organised

It was the last day of school and I looked back at all the wonderful memories with my friends!

Had a teacher-student dinner with my ABI grade it was so much fun!

a lot of fun...

We got ready for our Penkkis day, the last day as seniors...

...and it was a night we will always remember!

The afterparty was on a cruise ship with terrible white wine...

...but we managed to overlook that!

I worked at Moominworld during the short winter holiday in February and met up with all of my wonderful friends! 

We celebrated Emppu turning 19 and I baked her an awesome moustache cake!

but we didn't just party 'cause finals were coming up and in the end I was very fed up with studying...

...and afterwards we did some more partying! This time it was the abi party and me and Emppu had front row 'seats' at the Karri Koira concert (that steel chain left some marks on us though!)

It was my birthday and Kata surprised me with a cake!
I was working and I didn't really celebrate it in any special way but it was ok because we were on our way to Magaluf!
Got home and it was back to reality and also some new changes since we moved in to a new house!
I graduated and I couldn't be happier! 
My summer filled with work was about to start and I mean I worked ALL THE TIME. So I really cherished hanging with my wonderful friends, knowing this would be the last summer we really would all be in the same place!
Then came the BEST weekend of the summer, I had 3 days of from work and it was time for RUISROCK! Plus I got the news... I got in to study English at a University!!
Summer was almost over but I had my last day at work and I still had 3 weeks before school started, I couldn't be happier! I celebrated by seeing friends and family!
... and I went to Weekend Festival with Emppu.
A new chapter in my life started and I began studying English. I met so many new people and it was all so... so new!
The first weeks were basically all about parties and sitzes...
... but we also studied very hard!
The first period of Uni ended and we celebrated with pizza and wine!
Then I broke my ankle, buu!
... but that didn't stop me from celebrating Halloween...
...going to Britannica's annual party...
... and getting to use my overalls for the first time!
Christmas came and now I'm here! It's been a great year but I'm hopng 2014 will bring something new!

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