Wednesday, December 4, 2013

24 Christmas tips countdown: Holiday themed blog

Tip #4: If you have a really long holiday you might get bored, something that one of my friends did a few years ago was that she started a Christmas blog just for the holidays, and since I love reading about people that I know (I mean like reading their blogs) and since I was in the U.S for three weeks I absolutely loved reading about her day and about what my friends were doing when I was gone. It's definitely time consuming if you're bored, you can take a lot of pretty pictures of all the decorations and lights and it's not a long time commitment, you can either end the blog when you start school/work again or if you like it, keep on with the blog, just be sure to tell me your blog address!

Ps. This post is  dedicated to Ella and Emppu, I'm still very bummed about your lack of posting on your blogs!!!
If you don't have anything else to post about you can always just fill your posts with inspirational Christmas related pictures from weheartit!

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