Tuesday, December 3, 2013

24 Christmas tips countdown: Cinnamon Latte

Tip #3: Drinking hot drinks like mulled wine, coffee and cocoa when it's cold and dark outside is one of the best things about winter. But going to cafes and coffee shops can get pretty expensive, so sometimes I just make a latte at home. It won't taste exactly the same but you can come up with mixtures that you like. I usually go for a Cinnamon Latte, which is pretty easy. Make some regular coffee, start heating some milk in a pan while whisking it, then just add the hot milk with the coffee and make sure to put a lot of foam on top! You can put the cinnamon in the milk or on top of the foam, however you like! You could basically use anything you find at home: cream, milk chocolate, white chocolate, honey, marshmallows... super delicious and way cheaper than buying one in a coffee shop!

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