Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tuesday night wine party

So yesterday we threw one of our teacher's, Catheryn a small 'bachelorette' party (or really my classmate Nora did) since she's getting married on Sunday with one of our other teachers. They're both from Northern Ireland so most of their friends and family are over there, and we thought every girl should celebrate her big day somehow, right? Nora had arranged everything so well, there was delicious sweet potato soup, seriously the best cheese cake I've ever had and even a live performance! Cathryn's face was priceless when someone knocked on the door and in stepped a guy, for about 20 seconds she actually thought we had hired a stripper :D It's also quite amazing how many bottles of wine a group of 10 girls can drink in one night...
I gave Cathryn a little present with the two best things about Finland: Fazer's chocolate and Koskenkorva// The stripper turned out to be a guitarist!

Matilda//Yum yum

My lovely classmates!

The badge I got today, SUPERGULIS!// Oona trying to mimic Nora's awesome drawing... This picture really shows how interesting we find our phonology classes XD

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