Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mera Glögg!

First of I have to say I had a really really good time yesterday, Glöggrundan ruled!
We met up at four thirty by the church where we got our maps and a glass of hot glögg (Mulled Wine), and at four we started making our way to the first pub, which was Hunter's Inn. First cup of glögg and some of us took a 'surprise drink' which turned out to be a pretty bad decision. We managed to go to 8 bars, or we could've gone to a few more but since we only needed 8 stamps on our map to get the a badge from Monkey we decided 8 was enough. I have to say that I'm pretty tired of glögg now, after drinking something like 6 or 7 glasses of it last nigth. Oh and the bars we went too were Hunter's Inn, The Castle, Tinatuoppi, Bar Edison, The Cow, Red Hot Chili's, B4R and Nightclub Marilyn, and the afterparty was at The Monkey. Oh god, the line to the Monkey was crazy, I swear we stood in line for an hour!
Then we stayed at the monkey for quite a while, just chatting and hanging, I even danced a little but I felt pretty stupid not being able to move mu right leg at all. At 2 me and my mom took the same taxi home, which was good because I din't feel that great today... But as I said I had a lot of fun, and I have all of my helpful friends to thank for that, so Thank you!

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