Friday, November 22, 2013

It's Nacho problem

First of all, Catching Fire was ah-maizing! I mean ofc the books are always better but the movie definitely didn't disappoint! Somehow I always find the latter parts of a trilogy  better, the story gets deeper and the problems are more complex... anyways I really liked it and I love seeing some Katniss/Peeta action. Definitely recommend you to see it!
Yesterday I had another long day at school, we actually had a lecture that was really interesting, the downside was that I had to jump up a hill to get there... after school we decided to go and celebrate Oona for turning 19 (Happy Birthday Oona once again!) so we went to Red Hot Chili's. I had a Nacho platter, yum! (Like the wordplay in the title?)
And today I had my last appointment with the doctor until 3 weeks from now when I get to take the cast off for good! They changed my cast (man it was weird seeing my leg again, it's really strange how quickly your muscles weaken) and gave me the shoe (hallelujah!) so starting from tomorrow I can start putting a little bit of weight on my leg.

Me with the Birthday girl// The birthday girl couldn't quite finish her platter

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