Friday, November 1, 2013

Ghosts from the past

I'm so so so excited about tonight, even though I wish I could go out with my friends but at least I don't have to stay at home all night! I'll put pics later of my outfit but in the meantime some pictures of my previous halloween outfits!

Ok so in the first picture I'm at julle's Halloween party (I think it was in 2006...) and I'm Captain Jack! Ida is an alien and julle is Marilyn Monroe. In the picture underneath I'm Lady Gaga, I still have that yellow 'caution tape' lying around with no use (this was in 2009) XD and in the last picture I was pretty boring... Nobodyk new what I was but I was a spider-web... yup, 2011 was clearly not a year full of imagination!

Here in the first picture I was at our school's Halloween party in 2012 and we had a group theme 'Alice in Wonderland', I was Alice's Rabbit, Emppu was the cat and Kata was lovely Alice. In 2010 me and julle dressed up as Mickey & Minnie Mouse, also here you can see a VERY RARE photo of Sofie in a M&M costume meant for 4-year-olds. And in 2012 I also dressed up as Nicki Minaj, Icrammed two scarfes down my pants to get that butt, lol!

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Esssi said...

Jaa siitä on vuosi kun kuuntelin niitä joululauluja sielä metsässä..... :D