Friday, November 8, 2013

Fight Back

Hello, hello!
Had to wake up pretty early today in spite of my day off, since me and Oona went to a junior high school to observe a few lessons. It's a task we had to do for school and it was actually quite interesting. Since we went to a Finnish speaking school (and we have both always studied in Swedish), it was interesting to see some of the differences between our old school and this one! The only downer was that I had to jump up a lot of stairs in order to get to the class room...
I've also been to the doctor to get a check-up on my foot, the doctor said it looked quite good and in a week I might be able to get some sort of shoe so that I can walk with the cast! That would be super, I'm getting quite sick of walking with crutches.
And later I'm going to the men's basketball game to help out with the 'table', so busy Friday!

If you're from Finland you might have seen this video of Pekka Hyysalo. An accident gave him a serious brain injury and he slipped into a 17 day coma. When he woke up, he was paralyzed. Amazingly, he has been able to rehabilitate himself at a rapid speed. You can truly see the fighting spirit in his eyes. What an inspiring person, it really puts things into perspective and reminds us to appreciate the things we have, our health and our family and friends! Below is a mini-documentary of his recovery, I recommend you all to watch it and to be inspired!

Pekka Hyysalo - FightBack - Mini Documentary from SMB Productions on Vimeo.

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