Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Barnie Stienson

Well, well, well, not much going on over here, mostly when I've gotten home I've either sat by the computer doing homework ( or then I've been laying in the sofa watching anything that is on, mostly because there isn't really anything else I can do... 5 more weeks! Like today Britannica was hosting a Pub Crawl and I would've totally wanted to go... next year I guess?

Yesterday was actually fun, after school Isa picked me up and we drove to Littoinen where sofie had prepared a super delicious salad with homemade pesto and mudcake for dessert and then we played a really cool board game and it was a lot of fun!

Below two 'funny' pictures from yesterday:
1) I'm reading Brighton Rock..YOLO since 1949 I guess?
2) One of the girl's (I won't reveal who) answers in the board game last night. She obviously does not know a lot about How I met your mother :D

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