Saturday, November 23, 2013

Baby steps

I'm very proud of being so productive today, I've spent most of my time finishing a project I have due next week, on the languages in Ireland. It's a good thing that I got it finished because I have like 3 or 4 other major projects that I need to finish for school over the next two weeks, so it feels nice getting at least part of it done!
As I mentioned I got the shoe last night and today I've been walking...well you can't really call it walking 'cause I'm like the slowest human being in the world right now.. Baby steps, right?
My dream of baking gingerbread will hopefully come true today and I might also get a visit from Julle at some point. AND I think me and my dad are gonna try to see if I can drive, that would help my life SO MUCH! No more going to school two hours before my classes start yey!

Oh and I almost forgot, I was invited by my teammate Essi to perform at a dinner she hosted, so yesterday I went over there as a surprise guest and performed a few songs. I think it went pretty well and I hope the guests enjoyed it!
Me yesterday// Behold, the ultra-fashionable shoe that I will be sporting for the next few weeks!

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