Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekend recap

Yeah so yesterday I was at school all day and when I got home I only had 1 hour before basketball started, and my weekend was hectic so this is why I'm so late with telling you about what I did!

On Saturday Essi came over, as soon as I picked her up we went to Ella's & Julle's, they had made us some lunch so we ate and talked for a while. Our old co-workers from Moominworld were coming over later that me and Essi spent all day buying and cooking food.

We had a yummy salad buffet for the girls and the we just talked and listened to good music. Later we continued the festivities in Amarillo, I have to say it's not really my scene anymore, I felt really old (and I'm only 19, hah!) and well, either it used to be a lot better or I'm just an old fart. I don't know :D

Me & Essi// Probably the worst drink I've ever had

On sunday I had work but in the evening I stepped by at J&E to watch BB and say goodbye to Essi!
In cade you were wondering how our glamorous workingplace looks like... there it is...yup.

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