Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Temporarily crippled

So yesterday we had a game that didn't end well on anybodies behalf. First of all we lost and right in the beginning of the 2nd quarter I fell and twisted my ankle pretty badly. I just heard a 'snap' when I fell so I was pretty shocked an worried, luckily my dad was there so he knew what to do. Now I've been trying to put something cold on it, my dad went and got me crutches and tomorrow I'm going to see a doctor. Ugh I'm soooo frustrated, it seriously sucks not to be able to walk normally, my foot looks like a bloated 80-year-olds foot, it's seriously hard to walk with crutches AND the worst of all, I had a awesome Halloween costume that I was supposed to wear tomorrow to a party but now I can't go... Shit.

Ok I will be able to wear it at Isa's on Friday but I can't really go out to a bar to show everybody how awesome my costume is... but at least I get to spend a few hours with my friends so that I don't just have to stay at home :)

WARNING! Very ugly pictures of me foot ahead! Viewer discretion is advised!

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Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ,wow i like your sexy feets xo.