Wednesday, October 9, 2013


It's been a fairly busy week so far, yesterday I was completely exhausted for some reason, I was feeling a little bit ill so I just lay in my bed the whole day watching Breaking Bad, I did however get up to go to my practice. It was the last practice before our season starts on Sunday, I have to say I really don't know what to expect, we only have like 7 players in our team right now and we haven't even gotten the chance yet to play 5 against 5... I guess we'll see on Sunday!
Today I had a long day, a couple of hours of lectures, then a quick stop by the 'crazy days' at Hansa, found a knitted dress and a shirt, and back to school for a few more hours. Later I went to the movies with Isa and Emppu, we saw 'Lejonasydän' (transl. Lionheart) which is a movie about Finnish New-Nazis... very agonizing, very different from what I expected, I was thinking more of 'American History X' but it was very interesting and unfortunately racism is (in my opinion) something pretty common here.
Tomorrow I have another full day, lectures and a full day of info about the teaching line which I'm really excited about! And in the evening a Pub Quiz!
Still from the movie.

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